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Finding insurance for your home can be a challenge in Florida as the carriers are limited and the rates can be high.  This is why it is critical to obtain an accurate Replacement Cost for your home so that you know you will be sufficiently covered in the event of any damage or event. Also, obtaining a recent 4 Point inspection will assist in obtaining the best rate for your wind coverage. Advanced Insurance Brokerage (AIB) agents will stay abreast of the current carrier changes in the state to be sure we can offer the most competitive rates in this ever-changing market in Florida.

In addition to standard Homeowners coverage, many Floridians living in coastal areas are required by law to also carry Flood Insurance coverage.  Advanced Insurance Brokerage (AIB) can assist you in both determining this requirement for you and securing the coverage for your property.

For those clients that rent residential property, a Renters Insurance policy is a must.  They are economical and can assist you in the event of catastrophe, as the Lanlord’s Homeowners policy will rarely cover any contents for tenants.  If you had to replace all of your belongings today, what could that cost to you possibly be?  Please contact AIB for a quick quote today.
Protect Your Home's Structure
An AIB agent can help you set the right deductible and to get the right coverage, should you need to pay for rebuilding your home. The price you paid for your home is probably not the amount you will choose to insure it.

Protect Your Personal Property
You have made an investment in your possessions, and they need to be protected. Let our agent help you with category limits and per item limits that could affect the amount you are paid for covered lost or damaged personal items.

Liability Insurance
If ever, you are accused of causing harm to someone, it helps to have support in defending yourself. Find out how liability insurance can help protect your assets in the event of a lawsuit resulting from a covered loss.

Guest Visiting Your Home - Medical Insurance
Find out how your insurance can help pay for medical costs (up to policy limits) when someone is injured at your home.

Flood Insurance (Depending on your State)
There is a difference between protection from a flood and a covered water loss. Get the facts from an Advanced Insurance Brokerage agent about the Federal Government's National Flood Insurance Program and insurance options for other water damage.
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