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We seek to achieve excellence in business practice through commitment to people, developing close relationships with clients and suppliers, based on absolute confidence in our integrity, professionalism and ability to deliver. Advanced Insurance Brokerage maintains strong relationships with the insurance carrier community, allowing us to stay in step with the marketplace and to negotiate competitively on your behalf...

• Integrity: We will be honest and sincere to both our clients and the companies we represent with a track record of good- faith communication and on time performance

• Service: We will aim to always EXCEED our client's expectations. We will accomplishes this by being highly- automated and by partnering with insurance companies that are also highly-automated, ensuring that our clients receive the service that they desire in a timely and comprehensive manner. We know that the better service that our clients receive, the longer they will stay with us and the more friends they will tell!

• Quality: We will provide true value to our clients. We provide contracts from our premier carriers that are above the standard contracts in the industry. The difference will really be seen by the client when the time comes to make a claim.
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